Leila Oriental

    Your guide through the magic of oriental dance in the beginners, intermediate and advanced level is Jelena Cicanovic- Leila, one of the most famous oriental dance artists of the new generation.

    In dance stuido LEILA, we are exploring the art of classical and modern egyptian dance, as well as the folkloric styles of Egypt, Persian gulf, Lebanon and Palestine.

    During the first season, we are trying to develop the basic body mechanisms required for this dance, we are exploring and learning the techniques of basic movements and steps, we are connecting them through various creative combinations, improvisations and easier choreographies.

    During the second season, we move on to the next level, through exploring and explaining more complexed techniques, combinations, improvisations and choreographies. We are trying to focus on the more classical sounds, by exploring the variety of instruments used in oriental music. We are starting to discover some folkloric styles and the art of drum solos.

    Throughout the following seasons, we are taking our dance to the next level, by going deeper into technical analysis of our movements, exploring different ways of using our body during the movement execution, developing more advanced techniques and exploring more complexed musics. We are also continuing to discover new folkloric and fusion dance styles. All this is followed by more advanced creative combinations, improvisations and choreographies.

    Please note that there is no particular time frame when you will finish the dance learning process. One the great things, that makes this dance so special is that no matter how much knowledge or experience you have, there is always something new to learn and discover. There is always some new technique, combination, style, idea or approach.

    Classes are held on a regular bases, twice a week in folkloric association Abrasevic (address: Resavska 78). For exact timings, please contact us via telephone number provided.

    Duration of the class is 1 hour and your first class is free of charge.

    Things to bring to the class: comfortable outfit (skirt, leggings, top, shirt). You can dance barefoot or in ballet shoes or even some very light sports shoes, that are not hard for your feet. If you have any kind of hip scarf, you can also bring it and wear it around your hips, for the better and easier feeling of your hip movements. Make sure to have a small bottle of water with you, because a class can be a very good workout as well.

    We invite you to join us, to learn something new together, through a great atmosphere, lot of great music and laughter. Allow yourselves to be taken by the magic of this new and exciting world, that will simply enchant you and will become you small oasis of love, hapiness and joy.