Leila Oriental
  • Oriental dance - Up close and personal

    I allow myself to say that the power of oriental dance is simply magical.The rhythm makes every muscle in your body move and the combination of oud, kanoun, violin, accordion can wake up deep emotions even in the coldest heart.In every performance music, body, soul and purest emotion become one.The joy of every movement, the smile on your face whenever you are about to dance, the purest feeling of happiness whenever you "tell your story" to your audience..Do you recognize these feelings??? Or if not, would you like to live all this??
    Then you are welcome to the magical journey through oriental dance! I really don't find words, strong enough to describe everything I feel while I dance, but I am sure that anyone who ever tried to dance can understand me very well and can also share my opinion...
    Ever since the first movement I made, my love went straight to Egyptian style and the endless possibilities to tell all kinds of stories with your body keep on fascinating me...No matter how much I explore and learn, there is always more!That's me- eternal student!
    Yes, everybody can move!Technique is something that you have after lots and lots of practice and it just requires a lot of patience and repeating.That is something that every dance style requires.But, what makes Egyptian dance so different is this inner feeling and internal interpretation of music...As my teacher, friend and my dance guru- Mayodi always says: "You don't simply dance with the music, you have to be IN the music." This leads us to a very important point- understanding what the songs we are dancing to are about.But, the power of music, instruments and voice is sometimes so strong, that even if we don't know exactly what the song is about, we can simply feel it...if we open our hearts ..Small, sophisticated movements, strong vibrations, lots of turns and ballet elements, all combined with your own personality, is something that always gives new inspiration and moves almost every type of the audience.
    All the way from ancient times up until the global expand, oriental dance keeps on fascinating all generations.From the old legends such as: Samia Gamal, Taheya Karioka, Naima Akef, Nagwa Fouad, Fifi Abdou, towards nowadays stars, like Randa Kamel, Tito, Khaled Mahmoud, Dina, Mohamed Kazafy, Jillina and many others, oriental dance made a great evolution and progress.
    The number of ladies who are addicted to oriental dance in Serbia and the rest of the world is constantly growing.For me as a teacher, there is no bigger happiness than seeing the first steps of my students, following their progress, sharing their own happiness when they realize that "they can also do it", applauding with full heart to their own choreographies and ideas, sharing laughters, secrets, beautiful and memorable moments together.All those feelings give me full power to make also my own personal progress and it also constantly amazes me how I can also learn from them, without them even realizing it.It is a constant giving and receiving process, that fills you with indescribable feelings.
    So, my dear ladies...even if you thought that it's impossible to learn this magnificent dance, join our happy family and give it a try.You will be amazed of all the things your body is capable of.Step by step, combination by combination, choreography by choreography...and here you are...in the magical world of oriental dance! There is only one thing I always say you should NEVER forget!No matter how much you grow as a dancer, no matter what level you reach or how big of a star you might become....NEVER forget the first smile and sincere feeling that the dance brought you...never forget why you started dancing..and always....but ALWAYS....dance from your pure heart, with loads of love!
    Sincerely yours