All the courses in the beginners, intermediate and advanced level are held by Leila.

In our courses, you can learn different styles of oriental dance, such as: classical oriental (raqs sharqi), modern sharqi, tarab, pop, drum solo, saiidi and raqs assaya (folkloric dance with and without cane), sha’abi, baladi, khaleegy, ghawazee, nubian, eskandarani, oriental flamenco and dance with the props as well: veil, Isis wings, fanveils, sword.

During the first level you will learn basic movements that involve all parts of your body-first movement by movement, then through different and interesting combinations, improvisations and easy choreographies.Music in this level is usually based on pop and modern Arabic sounds, since they are much easier to understand.

During your intermediate course, you will slowly start to learn how to use a veil and then a cane as well (movement by movement and then through interesting combinations, improvisations and easy choreographies).Our dance level is now higher and we are able to do more complicated combinations and choreographies and to start to adjust step by step to a more classical sound.We also start to learn a drum solo technique, by making easy combinations and choreographies.

During our next seasons (advanced level), we learn how to make the difference between various styles of oriental dance, we learn about different rhytms, we learn about the music and its interpretation, which is of very high importance for Egyptian dance style.Due to that, we pay attention to great classics of Arabic music, such as: Oum Kalthoum, Abdel Halim Hafez, Mohammed Abdul Wahab, Wardah and many others.Beside all that, we also develop our knowledge about folkloric dances, like saiidi, raqs assaya, baladi, sha’abi, eskandarani, ghawazee, nubian through more serious and more difficult improvisations and choreographies.

We offer weekly classes (2 times a week), private classes and workshops.

For all additional info, registration for classes, schedule, please contact via email or phone: +381 638941025

New beginners group will start from the fall, so if you want to join our dance family, register and make sure to have a place.We accept limited number of students per group in order for each member to have comfort and posiblity for the best possible progress.