Leila Oriental

  • December 2015
    - intensive training courses in Belgrade (Serbia)
    November 2015
    - 6-8 november- ORIENTAL LOVE FESTIVAL in Belgrade (Serbia), organised by Leila More info on: www.oriental-love-festival.weebly.com -26-29 november- teaching, performing, judging in ORIENTAL PASSION FESTIVAL in Athens (Greece), sponsored by Elena Eleftheriou & Prince Kayammer
    October 2015
    11-13 october- teaching, performing, judging in TALES OF SAHARA festival in Brno (Czech Republic), sponsored by Tereza Sheyla Klementova -intensive training courses in Belgrade (Serbia)
    September 2015
    5/6 september- teaching/performing in Sombor (Serbia) in ORIENTHALIA festival, sponsored by dance studio Inana -intensive training courses in Belgrade (Serbia)
    AUGUST 2015
    15 august- special show in "Sahara lounge" in Athens (Greece) 29 august- special show "From Leila.. with love" in Belgrade (Serbia)
    JULY 2015
    25-27 july- teaching/performing in Heraklion (Crete) in AROMA ANATOLIS festival, sponsored by Malek Nikos
    June 2015
    - 10-14 june- ISTANBUL (TURKEY)- teaching/performing in RAQQAS ISTANBUL FESTIVAL, sponsored by Serkan Tutar - intensive training courses in Belgrade (Serbia)
    May 2015
    1-3 may- SOFIA (BULGARIA)- special guest star artist in LAYALI BULGARIA FESTIVAL, sponsored by Evelina Papazova
    April 2015
    6-8 april- SALZBURG (AUSTRIA)- coaching 11-12 april- VIENNA (AUSTRIA)- teaching/performing in ORIENTAL SECRET FESTIVAL, sponsored by Yalia 17-19 april- NICOSIA (CYPRUS)- teaching/performing/judging in IV ORIENTAL DELIGHT FESTIVAL, sponsored by Sylvia Serena & Rebels Dance Academy
    March 2015
    - intensive training courses in Belgrade (Serbia) - 6-8 march- LEILA PRESENTS "Oriental Love inspirational weekend with Mercedes Nieto"
    February 2015
    - intensive training courses in Belgrade (Serbia)
    January 2015
    - intensive training program in Belgrade (Serbia) - 29 january- 1st february - KIEV (UKRAINE) - teaching, performing, judging VII UKRANIAN ORIENTAL DANCE CUP, sponsored by The League of bellydance masters