Leila Oriental

  • December 2014
    Intensive training courses in Belgrade (Serbia)
    November 2014
    21-23 - LEILA PRESENTS "ORIENTAL LOVE" FESTIVAL in Belgrade (Serbia) - more info available on www.oriental-love-festival.weebly.com 27-30- workshops/show/judging in ORIENTAL PASSION FESTIVAL in Athens (Greece), sponsored by Elena Eleftheriou & Prince Kayammer
    October 2014
    25/26- workshops with Leila in Banja Luka (Bosnia), sponsored by "Oriana & Oria" dance studio
    September 2014
    Start of the new dance season in "LEILA" dance studio and intensive training courses
    August 2014
    31 july-3 august- HESHK BESHK FESTIVAL, in Venice (Italy), organised by Wael Mansour and Emanuela Camozzi
    July 2014 4
    4-6- performance in the Saida and Yamil gala show in Athens (Greece), organised by Prince Kayammer and Yasmin Kalathaki 24-27- teaching, performing, judging in the international festival LET'S DANCE in Prague (Czech Republic), organised by Centrum tance
    June 2014
    6-8 - performing/judging in the LAYALI BULGARIA festival in Sofia (Bulgaria), organised by Evelina Papazova
    May 2014
    8-11 may- workshops and show in ORIENTAL MARATHON FESTIVAL in Montpellier (France), sponsored by Sharon Mesguish
    March 2014
    workshops and show in Sofia (Bulgaria), sponsored by Marta Dimitrova - date to be confirmed 28-30 march- teaching, performing, judging in TARABESQUE FESTIVAL in Barcelona (Spain), organised by Salima
    February 2014
    6-9 february- intensive workshops weekend and show "Arabian nights" in Leuven (Belgium), sponsored by Artemisia 12-15 february- workshops and show in 10th anniversary of EILAT FESTIVAL, in Eilat (Israel), sponsored by Orit Maftsir and Yael Moav 22-23 february- workshops with Jamilah of Poland in Belgrade (Serbia), sponsored by LEILA dance studio