Leila Oriental

  • December 2013
    6-8 december- show and judging in NAWAR FESTIVAL in Ljubljana (Slovenia), sponsored by Mateja Mikulan
    November 2013
    29november-1 december- workshops, show, judging in IV ORIENTAL PASSION FESTIVAL in Athens (Greece), sponsored by Elena Eleftheriou and Prince Kayammer
    October 2013
    11-13 october- workshops, show, judging in EAST FEST 2013 in Lisboa (Portugal), sponsored by Filipa Nawar and Cris Aysel 18/19 october- workshops, show in Prague (Czech Republic), sponsored by Karolina Idrisova 24/25 october- workshops, show in Nis (Serbia), sponsore by San Layali studio
    September 2013
    7 september - workshop in Novi Sad (Serbia), sponsored by Azar dance studio 20-22 september- intensive workshops weekend and show "Arabian nights" in Stockholm (Sweden), sponsored by Lena Helt 28/29 september- workshop, show, judging in PRESSBURG DANCE FEST in Bratislava (Slovakia), sponsored by Martina Presslova
    June 2013
    31may/1 june- workshops/show in EAST UKRAINE FESTIVAL PROJECT, in Donetsk (Ukraine), sponsored by Aleksei Riaboshapka 30june- show "1001 nights" in Zagreb (Croatia), sponsored by Sheherezade troupe
    May 2013
    4/5 may- workshops intensive and hafla in Kempen (Germany), sponsored by Amira Shazadi 16-19 may- workshop, show, judging in 5th CAIRO! FESTIVAL in Budapest (Hungary), sponsored by Mercedes Nieto
    April 2013
    20/21april- workshop, show, judging SALONIKA OPEN in Thessaloniki (Greece) 27 april- charity show in Novi Sad (Serbia), organised by Azar studio
    March 2013
    Intensive training courses in Belgrade (Serbia) 30/31 march- ORIENTAL LOVE FESTIVAL in Belgrade (Serbia)
    February 2013
    Intensive training courses in Belgrade (Serbia) 23 february- workshop in Novi Sad (Serbia), sponsored by Azar studio
    January 2013
    16/19- workshops and show in Eilat festival in Israel, organised by Orit Maftsir